Mike Arnold
I help people break through the wall of "religion" to connect with
God and His Kingdom in a way that is deep, real and life-changing.
Mike Arnold, MBA
I am a life-long entrepreneur, C-level executive and board member of for-profit and non-profit enterprises and political campaigns. I have helped turn ideas into reality all across the US and around the world.
I love helping leaders find true peace while they maximize their enterprise. This naturally results when they identify and draw from their deepest gifts and passions, clearly define and sharpen their vision, concisely articulate their story, soberly assess obstacles and opportunities, and then map a strategic path.
My value is highest for hungry, teachable leaders who are facing dynamic challenges and opportunities. I help them lead innovation and transformation in complex environments, specializing in start-ups, turn-arounds and next-level efforts.
100+ professional endorsements on LinkedIn for the skills of:
+Strategic Planning   +Entrepreneurship   +Management   +Leadership
Career highlights
Past and current engagements
Founder or Co-Founder
San Antonio College Student Senate
San Antonio College Alumni Association
The Lone Star Report (editor)
Lone Star Weekly (publisher)
Paradigm Media, Inc. (CEO)
TXN – The Texas Network (COO)
The News of Texas (COO)
Full Scope Client Services (exec. director)
VineVida, LLC (managing partner)
Christian Outdoor Alliance (CEO)
COA Outfitters
COA Ultimate Summer Camps
Mike Arnold Ministries (CEO)
Cross Trail Outfitters (CEO)
FirstHunt (patent holder)
CleanHearts Ministry (CEO)
Texas Captive Insurance Assn. (chairman)
Portico International (managing partner)
TBA Productions, LLC 
Tejas Trail Media, Inc. (CEO)
Nikao Press (CEO)
Arnold’s Ice Cream
Captive Innovations, LLC (president)
The Vault Group (president)
Mesquite Holdings LLC 
Chairman, CEO or Senior Management
Texas Trophy Hunters Association
Texas Trophy Hunters Magazine
Hunters Extravaganza
American Trophy Hunters TV Show
Young Conservatives of Texas  - UT Austin
Society of Professional Journalists (chapter v.p.)
Captive Architects, LLC
The Legacy Group, LLC
Board of Directors
Heritage Children, Inc.
Word of Grace Ministries
American Institute for Intl Policy Makers and Public Administrators
Tracy Engineering and Const. Nigeria, LTD
Unity for Africa/Intl. Coalition of Reconcilers
Producer or Editor
San Antonio College Ranger
The University Review  (publisher)
Maximum Outdoors Magazine and TV
Team CTO Sportsmen’s Journal
Return to the Hiding Place - film (assoc. prod.)
Operation Rough Riders - film (writer, exec. producer)
The Big Ask - TV show (creator/assoc. prod.)
Advisor, Consultant, Committee or Staff
The Republican Party of Texas
Texas Association of Broadcasters
Texas Deer Association
The American Chronicle
Alamo Community College District
Steve & Harley: The Texas Morning Show
Varal Ranch, Inc.
Covenant Ranch/MachoBucks
Texas Wildlife Services
Wilson Whitetail Ranch
Crowe’s Nest Farms
Spencer Productions, LLC
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Cowboys for Jesus Christian Fellowship
Various electoral campaigns
Uprising: Time for Christians to stop waiting and start winning – book
Church Burning: What will it take to rediscover The Way? – book
Living God – book
My Search for Church - ebook
The Great – Screenplay
Saving Adolph – Screenplay
Numerous articles and white papers
NASSPE 2010 - Las Vegas
Unity for Africa 2011 and 2012– Owerri, Abuja
Oilfield Christian Fellowship – Houston
Numerous banquets and wild game dinners
Numerous churches and men’s groups
Numerous workshops, retreats and seminars
Over nearly three decades, I’ve been blessed to work hands-on with bootstrappers and billionaires, plain folks and presidents, and all kinds of leaders in between.
Through it all, I’ve gained keen insight into the universal drivers of true, sustainable performance and success.
Highlights include:
  • Launched multi-million dollar, high-profile projects,
  • Started from scratch to build successful nationwide enterprises,
  • Raised tens of millions of dollars in investment funds, political contributions and non-profit donations,
  • Helped sway public opinion and policy on key issues,
  • Coached leaders at every level for maximum personal fulfillment and performance,
  • Developed countless strategic programs, policies, tools, tactics, systems, curricula, collaterals and other resources,
  • Conceived and managed marketing campaigns for mom-and-pop stores and multi-million dollar enterprises,
  • Unlocked and maximized revenue streams, while streamlining operations, to lead companies to record profits and valuation,
  • Served CEOs and governors … and jungle missionaries, lepers, orphans and Third World prisoners.
  • Built a meaningful network of trusted friends and colleagues around the world.
The Lord has led me to amazing places and allowed me to participate in many remarkable enterprises. As a result, over time, many leaders have reached out to me for advice and assistance. I’ve always been happy to oblige, and over time realized my calling: To be a holistic enterprise consultant, mentor and coach.
I would be honored to help you bring your visions to successful reality, while accomplishing your most meaningful life goals.
Mike Arnold Ministries
Creatively making disciples
I am a committed Christian, and this worldview permeates the way I serve others. 
For more than a decade, my wife and I have run a non-profit organization named Mike Arnold Ministries.
Through our efforts, we've launched several successful ministry enterprises including the Christian Outdoor Alliance, Cross Trail Outfitters and CleanHearts.
Activities have included leading international mission trips, summer camps, leadership training, mass media outreach, and much more. 
Visit the Mike Arnold Ministries website
Mike Arnold has an uncommonly creative intellect that consistently adapts to near any topic, on queue. Grounded in powerful convictions of truth, he is a constant asset to any endeavor or organization intent on truly impacting what really matters most. I'm honored to call Mike a friend and brother, and look forward to every opportunity to journey together in life or vocation."
Matt Tankersley
Serial Technology Entrepreneur
Chairman and CEO of Humani.TV