Mike Arnold
I help people break through the wall of "religion" to connect with
God and His Kingdom in a way that is deep, real and life-changing.
I work with leaders to give life and health to their visions – to turn their ideas into successful reality –and help them stay grounded along the way.    
Engagements typically take one of three forms:

Special project: Campaign, large event, new initiative,
high-level pitch, product launch, funding drive, retreat
facilitation, etc.

Enterprise: Start-up, turn-around, or next-level initiative

Mentorship: Personal counseling, coaching and
Terms can be flexible. Sometimes the greatest ideas start with humble beginnings. As a result, many I may serve are not currently in a position to engage according to "traditional" consulting arrangements. My terms are often flexible, and may take the form of a project-based contract, retainer, performance-based compensation, payment in-kind (barter) or equity position. 

How may I serve you? Call me and let’s talk. No obligation, no charge and no sales pitch. I look forward to making your acquaintance and hearing about what you're working on. 
If I can add value, I will give you my all. If not, I will offer my prayers and encouragement and wish you the best.
Even the greatest ideas aren't worth the paper they're printed on. It's all in the execution. My life's work has been to help leaders turn great ideas into great reality. Essential factors of success are common across all types of ventures. Let me give you the benefit of my lifetime of experience and education, help you avoid hidden obstacles, and turn your visions into successful reality.
Exemplary Past Engagements
  • Led the effort to grow a local, one-man project into a thriving national enterprise. My work included:
- Secured funding to drive program,
- Distilled fundamental success drivers into a concise, teachable program,
- Developed core internal and external messaging and related materials including print, web and video,
- Recruited, screened, trained and managed growing staff, both remote and central,
- Established leadership teams and offices in multiple states,
- Managed ongoing operations, promotions, staff development and administration.
  • In an 18-month engagement, turned around a 20+ year-old, multi-million dollar business – leading it to record profits and nearly double equity valuation prior to sale of company by founder. My work included:
- Identified profit drivers (it wasn’t what they thought) and re-engineering product/service lineup and promotions accordingly,
- Redesigned flagship product to significantly cut production and distribution costs without affecting quality or consumer demand.
- Overhauled internal processes to dramatically increase customer service, satisfaction and retention,
- Implemented comprehensive data system including accounting, inventory management, transactions and CRM,
- Launched division, optimizing existing core capacity, to capture greater share of client budget while building deeper relationships.
- Rebuilt web presence,
- Re-organized, re-trained and recruited new staff accordingly.
  • Hired by a team of socially-conscious investors to engineer, launch and publish a strategic, Texas-based “political insider” publication that directly impacted public policy and consistently led the statewide “mainstream” news cycle.
  • Tapped by a prominent businessman to launch a $40M television news network. Developed strategic business plan and core messaging, recruited leadership team and ultimately 125 employees, established operations incl. offices across the state, secured top-level partnerships in all media markets, launched high-profile web presence, etc.
  • Engaged by team of investors to launch a new, specialized financial services firm. Secured key funding, built team, and established partnerships with the most respected financial services firms in the state.
  • Enlisted by owner of a film production company to successfully secure key funding and line up nationwide strategic partnerships for a high-profile feature film.
  • Recruited by college president to successfully launch a new alumni association.
  • Helped a businessman who was over-extended to reign in a partnership venture that was out of control and losing money. I re-structured the relationship, re-designed the core product, plugged in key personnel, and put the project back on track.
  • Engaged by a business owner to successfully engineer and manage a lobbying and publicity effort for passage of a bill in the Texas Legislature to open a new industry in the state, and then establish a thriving trade association based on this effort.
  • Worked with owner of a long-established business to successfully launch a new division to capitalize on internal capacity, better serve clients, and maximize profits.
  • Enlisted by a major statewide political party to train their slate of candidates in media relations.
  • Appointed by the board of directors of a large non-profit to lead their annual fundraising to record success.
  • Worked for the CEO of a large media company to develop, implement and manage a high-profile, multi-faceted promotional effort that involved some of the most prominent television and radio stations and advertising agencies in the state.
  • Engaged by the CEO of a tech startup to help develop a crucial presentation for a make-or-break sales pitch to the Board of Directors of a Fortune 500 company.
  • Recruited by Dr. George Kozmetsky to serve on a blue-ribbon committee to map out a strategic plan for the future of Texas broadcasting.
  • Planned and led retreats for numerous leadership teams, helping them come together around a shared vision, respect each other's contributions, grow together a team, and go forward with unprecedented performance.
  • Keynoted international leadership conferences and spoken in countless luncheons, banquets, and other gatherings.
  • Helped engineer countless business plans, marketing campaigns, public events, electoral campaigns, key presentations (up to federal cabinet and Fortune 500 level), training programs, etc.
  • Conceived and staged publicity efforts gaining significant local, regional, national and international attention.
  • Featured in more than 100 hours of talk radio and TV interviews, up to a nationwide level, and coached others to do the same.
Mike Arnold is one of the brightest and most creative people I have ever worked with. His tenacity and passionate zeal for what he believes drive him to innovative ideas, company structures and presentation styles. Mike is a great friend, with natural leadership skills and abilities and a fearlessness for moving in the direction of challenge and change. I would recommend Mike for anyone in need of leadership coaching, business consulting or guidance in organizational structure."
J. Loren Norris
Entrepreneur, Fortune 500 Executive, Leadership Coach
Author, Live a More Excellent Life