Mike Arnold
I help people break through the wall of "religion" to connect with
God and His Kingdom in a way that is deep, real and life-changing.
  1. Team Development
    Developing a culture of integrity, cooperation and excellence within your enterprise is vital to its sustainable success. This doesn't happen by accident, but requires carefully chosen words, actions and policies. I love helping build healthy teams.
  2. Strategic Consulting
    Through my career, I've been blessed to work with amazing people to accomplish remarkable things. I bring my advanced education, international experience, strategic clarity, (un)common sense and undying enthusiasm to every project.
  3. Executive Mentoring
    My mentoring centers on helping leaders connect with their deepest gifts and passions, and then express those through their life and work. My gift is to help you find true, sustainable success, in every area of your life.
  4. Career Coaching
    Over the years, I've enjoyed numerous opportunities to mentor young leaders at the first steps of their education and careers. With wise guidance at the start, you can go well beyond anything us old timers can imagine.
  5. Startup Facilitation
    Ready...set...GO! Startups are invigorating. Yet without seasoned, "outside the fishbowl" guidance, it's all too easy to flame out or lose control. I'm a successful, serial entrepreneur. Let me help you lay a solid foundation for long-term success.
  6. Marketing, broadly defined
    Whether it’s community impact, votes or dollars in your pocket, for an enterprise to sustainably maximize results, it must advance a clear, consistent, creative, compelling vision that permeates its very being -- and reaches the right people.
  7. Enterprise Rescue
    Is your enterprise failing? Don't give up without a fight! If you think you've tried it all, and you don't know what to do, give me a call -- I can help! If you think you can't afford me -- try me. It is my desire to serve you, and my goal to help you succeed.
  8. Enterprise Enhance
    Sometimes life grinds down our ambition and standards, and we resign to "just getting by." Don't settle for less than the best! I can help bring new life to your enterprise -- reinvigorating your operations, and renewing your hopes and dreams.
  9. Enterprise Advance
    What's the "next big thing" on your path? When you're running a healthy enterprise, too many times those around us want to "leave well enough alone." It takes guts and determination to push forward to the next level. I can help you get there.
Finance and Risk Mgt.
You may achieve great things and end up with nothing to show for it. Entrepreneurs face more risks than traditional insurance can cover. I can help you strategically grow, protect and pass along what you've worked so hard to earn.
Impact and Legacy
The leaders I work with care about making the world a better place. My years in the nonprofit and philanthropy space have given me keen insight into how to maximize your impact, build eternal treasures, and leave a permanent legacy.