Mike Arnold
I help people break through the wall of "religion" to connect with
God and His Kingdom in a way that is deep, real and life-changing.
Areas of expertise   I have helped leaders succeed in the these critical areas:
  • Sharpen and articulate vision and goals.
  • Strategic planning for sustainable success.
  • Develop/enhance organizational culture and core messaging.
  • Secure key funding, resources and partnerships.
  • Establish/enhance business structure(s) for optimal capital control, tax efficiency and management of risk.
  • Create, implement and streamline policies, procedures, operating systems, accountability controls, and CRM.
  • Recruit, screen, train and motivate core team.
  • Engineer and implement ongoing business development, sales and/or fundraising operations.
  • Efficiently target and attract the right customers/clients.
  • Maximize bottom line – whether you measure that in terms of dollars, votes, community impact, or saved souls.
  • Enterprise duplication – taking something that is currently successful, crystallizing its “DNA,” and guiding it down the road to sustainable, organic growth.
  • Personal mentorship, encouragement and accountability of top leadership, to keep you on track, well grounded, and functioning at peak performance.
  • Community impact and legacy – helping identify and achieve what matters most.
  • Exit strategy – knowing when and how to best ride off into the sunset, while reaping maximum rewards for the work you’ve done.