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Serving startups: Laying a foundation for success

When you’re launching a new enterprise, you can be at the same time popular and lonely. Plenty want to be part of what you’re doing, and they may be supportive and enthusiastic.
As you may have found out, however, too few are equipped or positioned to provide the deepest feedback, accountability and counsel you need.
That’s because the calling to be an entrepreneur is rare, and not too many people “get it.” You are a builder, a creator, the man with the plan. As Willy Wonka said, “We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of the dream.” You call the tune and the world around you dances. It’s invigorating!
In the excitement of start-up, never forget the most dangerous time in a flight is takeoff. Everything’s pushing at 100%, and there are no reserves, no second chances – it’s fly or die.
In the midst of this, you are laying a foundation for all that is to come, and it is vital you refine and express your vision as perfectly as possible. Even a minor flaw can lead to all kinds of unwanted outcomes. It’s too easy for your venture to collapse, or become something you never intended, or for you to lose control, or – even worse – wreck your most important relationships in the thick of it all.
The Bible says it plainly: Even the best plans fail for lack of wise counsel.
Sure, like too many entrepreneurs, you can learn from failure. But why fail in the first place, when you can learn from ones who have gone before?
I’m a successful, serial entrepreneur. From many wise mentors, as well as way too many mistakes, I’ve learned the universal elements of sustainable success in any new venture.
Nothing gives me greater joy than “paying it forward” by helping fellow entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls and build enterprises that are successful beyond their dreams.